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Sector is designed
for those who love
to challenge themselves
and who never give up

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Collection Marine

Discover 400

Discover all the collection's products

The irresistible
call of the sea,
the profound mysteries
of the ocean depths,
and the boundless realms
of its horizons.
These fascinating elements have been revived in Sector’s exclusive Marine collection. With an attractive and sporty design, this range of wrist instruments is specifically dedicated to enthusiasts of the sea and its challenges, providing maximum impermeability and highly advanced functions, all created using state-of-the-art materials.

Collection Action

Discover Overland

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Winners in style
and performance,
with a strong
sports personality
and a dynamic design
based on modern versatility.
In line with modern needs. Casual watches for the city and outdoors that are anything but conventional. Sector Action offers watches with winning appeal, strong technology content, and essential but practical styling. A line designed for a hectic, constantly changing city life: a practical line intended for people who are full of energy, people who never stop.

Collection Mountain

Discover Mountain Master

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Freedom expressed
through passion
for adventure.
Love of nature,
and contest.
The challenge of reaching the summit only with your own strength. Sector Mountain wristwatches are designed for hiking, climbing, skiing, and all other outdoor sports. They provide accurate information on the surroundings thanks to an altimeter, barometer and digital compass. Extremely versatile, they have all the features of an elegant, precious sports watch.

Collection Racing

Discover Race

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Speed exerts a
unique and timeless fascination.
For people
who love to race.
The Racing line offers a number of models that combine style, performance, spirit and technology. Watches with strong personality that contain a legacy of continuous and exciting emotions. A perfect synthesis of engineering and personality, creating a dynamic and forceful collection.

Collection Contemporary

Discover Contemporary 340

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Self-assured personality,
class and energy.
Perfect watches for
dynamic people
who want to keep
in step with life
and wear a sporty
practical watch,
that goes with every look.
The Contemporary line’s vibrant style is expressed by means of precision, practicality, reliability, and an absolutely unmistakeable design generated by Sector’s spirited DNA. Watches derived from the sports world and, just like races, have a quick and energetic nature that makes them real companions for people who love to stand out and live their daily exploits to the full.

Collection Expander

Discover Sector Expander Street

Discover all the collection's products

highly technological watches,
created for sport with an innovative design.