Rock is Stefano Ghisolfi’s natural element: a tough ground that has pushed him to bring out all his grit, getting further and further. The most fearsome rival? Himself. When Stefano starts a new challenge, he knows that he has to look far ahead, aim the highest, face the bad weather and win his limits. Right in the most difficult moment, when he is suspended on the rock, adrenaline pushes him to his goal, overcoming his only limit!
One mind, two wheels. On his mountain bike Nick Pescetto runs across the most rough grounds to overcome his limits and win impossible challenges. Victory is a rise but in front of every challenge adrenaline pushes him to take the risk and to go forward, always faster, against the limits, time and tiredness. Nick’s attitude to risk is a life style that he carries with him in his incredible travels around the world. Without ever posing himself limits and boundaries, every challenge for him is pure inspiration, that turns his life into an extraordinary accomplishment.