The Consumer Code has recognized to the consumer, for distance contracts and away from business premises, the right to unilaterally withdraw from the contract stipulated for the purchase of goods and services. The right of withdrawal consists in the faculty granted to the consumer to unilaterally dissolve the contractual obligation by returning the purchased good (or revoking the order) and consequently obtaining the refund of the price paid. Sector, in compliance with the Legislative Decree, fully recognizes this right to its customers and prepares the following document as a further guide to the understanding of this option, so as to clarify any doubts.


Feel free to buy your watches and jewelry online! Sector, in fact, offers all its customers the possibility to replace or return the products purchased. - How much time do you have? Thirty days from delivery for all orders paid online or cash on delivery and fifteen days from pickup for orders paid in one of our stores (Bluespirit or Morellato Store).


First you need to log in to our site using the account used to create the order. If you have difficulty with access, you can use the password recovery tool. Once inside your account, simply go to "My orders" and select the placed order by clicking on the "Return this item" button. This will open the "Return authorization request form" through which you can choose between the replacement and the refund of the amount spent. In both cases it will be necessary to specify the reason for the return and to declare to have read and to accept the notes and the general conditions of the return of the purchased products. By submitting your report, your return request will be "awaiting confirmation" until our staff authorizes it. Once the request has been confirmed, the status of the return will be "awaiting the parcel". Only then can you return to "My Returns" and print the label to be applied on the package to be entrusted to the courier. For the Return Authorization Wizard, please read the DETAILED OPERATION GUIDE and the applicable legislation (Legislative Decree 206/2005).

2.1 Return with refund

If you choose to request the return with refund you can choose to ship at your expense the product (s) to take advantage of our service made available by GLS. In the first case you can contact the courier you want, reminding to promptly communicate the shipment tracking; as soon as we receive the return we will proceed with the full refund of the amount paid. In case you want to use a GLS service, you simply have to decide one day from Monday to Friday and the time slot (9/12 or 15/19) where we can book the pickup and notify it to customercare@sectornolimits.com. Received the package, we will proceed with the refund, reducing € 6.90 for shipping costs, unless you have received a damaged product or a wrong item. NB: For refunds of orders paid cash on delivery, remember to provide the IBAN at customercare@sectornolimits.com, to issue a bank transfer.

2.2 Return with replacement

If you have received a product that does not meet your expectations and you wish to change it, simply set a day from Monday to Friday and the time slot (9/12 or 15/19) where we can book the GLS pickup and notify it to the email address customercare@sectornolimits.com. Received the package, we will proceed with the new shipment of the product indicated by you. The Philip Watch Team will inform you about the availability of the product, the existence of any differences in price and the specifications for the return of the originally ordered product.


The procedures for requesting and obtaining the return with replacement or refund are the same as those described in point 2 and in the Detailed Operation Guide, but since our abroad return service is not active, shipping costs are at your charge. Simply choose the courier to send your package with, by sending an email to customercare@sectornolimits.com with the tracking of the shipment. Once the return has been received, the previously described methods of substitution or refund will be activated.


In the event that the product arrives damaged or malfunctioning, you must promptly report upon delivery of this malfunction to the email address customercare@sectornolimits.com or to the toll-free number 800 858 423. In the communication it is necessary to indicate the name, the surname, the order number, the malfunctioning product and a telephone number. The Sector Team will contact you by phone and will inform you about the specifications for the replacement of the product and the possible availability of replacement products. Together we will plan to pick up the damaged product at your home or your office. The return of the damaged product is borne and under the responsibility of Sector, both as regards the shipping costs and the eventuality of theft or damage during the same. Once the product has been received,after the verification of originality and real malfunction, we will ship the replacement product or refund as soon as possible.