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Items 1-4 of 4

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A passion for life and a love for challenges pulsate in details of unforgettable style: these are the jewels for men in the Natural Collection. Bracelets and pendants composed of beads in different colors and materials, with a single, powerful inspiration: the world of nature, majestic and fascinating, in all its colors and shapes. The spherical form of the beads combines with evocative symbols in brushed steel. But the stars of this collection are undoubtedly the colors and their energizing capabilities. Colors that we’ve borrowed from nature and that you’ll find in the beads of this collection: malachite green and dumortierite blue will give your day a burst of energy. For those who love stronger colors, the jewels with beads in tiger’s eye blue and black lava will be perfect! In each jewel you’ll find details of character, revealing this collection’s Sector DNA: natural stone is blended with beads in shiny brushed steel for a strong, bold touch. The right mix of attitude and color for a man who’s sporty, determined, and who looks forward to each day’s challenges, to demonstrate, to himself most of all, that there truly are no limits. An attitude that combines with a desire to leave a mark in every situation, with stylistic details that reveal your personality: just like the jewels in the Natural Collection, completing your look in true No Limits style. Among the bracelets and pendants in tiger’s eye and black lava you’ll also find two special elements: a cross and an anchor in brushed steel. Classical symbols of masculine jewelry, determined in appearance and meaning. A “spiritual” mood for the cross, and maritime inspiration for the anchor, embellished by a small wind rose. Experience the spirit of adventure and wear the energy of the colors of nature, with Natural bracelets and pendants: jewels with a modern look that, depending on the model, can go with a variety of different outfits, casual as well as formal. All the items in this collection can also be easily adjusted via their steel chain.

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