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Offers Watches Chronograph Special edition Sport Sector No Limits Official Store

Inspiration for the Sector special edition watches is always exceptional: a discipline that strikes us due to its style, the adrenalin and determination that it creates, the limits that allow us to overcome. Discover with us the strong style and unbreakable soul of the special edition watches! They love speed and are perfect for those living with their foot on the accelerator: they are the timekeepers of the 850 collection, inspired by the world of racing. Lovers of car and motorbike races need special watch that can express their passion. The 850 range will never disappoint your expectations, with its untameable look in anthracite shades but also available in models with an elegant steel bracelet with gold finishes and a white or blue quadrant. A super sporty attitude can also be found in another Sector special edition, the 330 collection. Its quadrant with dual counter has a modern graphical design, making it truly unique. This watch is really available in many different variations, presenting different styles but always with grit. The elegance of the leather strap is perfect for those with classical tastes, while the models with a steel bracelet represent a much more contemporary mood. Colours range from classical black to blue and white quadrants, through to the gold of the finishes of several models. For those with the wind in their sails, the special edition with yacht timer is available, an extra function inspired by the fascinating world of regattas. Those who are not afraid of going deep down will definitely want one of the models of the Sector special edition Dive 300 for themselves. The name reveals its story, inspired by the magnificent world of divers who discover treasures at the bottom of the sea, challenging the depths of the oceans. The look of these watches have a very strong vintage touch, with graphics inspired by the military world. But just like every diver, the important thing is to resist the pressure of the seabed and this is why it waterproof down to 300 metres in depth. The helium valve is a unique detail for an underwater watch with an unbreakable vocation, a function that you will naturally find in very model from this collection. Passion for sports requires a strong desire to outdo oneself always: a watch should therefore become a valid ally for improvement, just like the Sector Special edition smartwatch. The Fit model has a polycarbonate case with a thousand and one resources, including a meter to count the number of calories consumed, sleep control, distance covered, step counter, lost calls and alarm with vibrations. The silicone strap is interchangeable and available in many different colours, for him and for her. Your time is precious and deserves an extraordinary watch, like those from our special editions, created to leave an indelible sign.

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