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An icon of both sporting style and elegance: two seemingly irreconcilable moods which, however, are perfectly representative of the Sector 120 Collection, women’s watches with a clean, contemporary design that unites the contemporary woman’s demand for practicality with an irresistible style. A round, 36-mm case and a steel bracelet: these are the fundamental elements in these watches, but which are available in a series of variations, one more fascinating than the next. Chronographs, 3-hand movement, and multifunction versions reveal details that make the difference and help you express your personality and style, marking with precision and exactness every moment of your day. A variety of colors tinge the faces of the 120 timepieces: classics like white, black, blue and silver, but also delicate and ultra-feminine options like pink, mother of pearl, gold and lilac. But the unique touch is hidden in the details, like the pink hands on the chronograph with the blue face, or the crystals at the indices or on the bezel that give a precious touch to various models in this collection. A mood that we also find in the sparkling gold and pink finishing of the bracelets and bezels, for a woman who loves to feel adored, even in the midst of the frenetic chaos of daily life. Every woman conceals many different souls, which is why we offer a variety of models with different features: from super-basic version for the bold, practical woman to more elegant options, with diamonds on the bezel or at the indices. How to ignore the model with the “total gold” bracelet and face, balanced to perfection by the clean, contemporary design of both elements. The chic details of the 120s take nothing away from their sporty design and limit-proof resistance, typical of every Sector timepiece. It’s the same unbreakable soul that women reveal every day, taking on life with tenacity, vitality and a positive outlook: like Sector 120 women’s watches, a collection to mark your achievements large and small with precision and reliability. Choose the model that best represents you and get ready to face your challenges with the No Limits spirit!

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