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Watches 180 Sector No Limits Official Store

Watches with sports and racing in their DNA and a vintage style: Sector 180 is one of the brand’s most beloved collections, and which has been expanded with new model over time. The first 180s are characterized by the unique combination of leather or fabric straps with faces in different colors and finishing such as rose gold, blue, or the brown that evokes vintage military watches. Chronographs with a 45-mm case for assured readability and an eye-catching look, to which new models have been added: a 3-hand with date and a steel bracelet to give the collection’s racing mood a more contemporary look, but new models as well with vintage leather strap and hot-stamped logo. The perfect watches for those not afraid to set themselves ambitious goals and work every day to excel: travel companions with an unbreakable spirit, born to resist even in exceptional conditions. Each model is guaranteed to resist up to a pressure of 10 atmospheres. Among the timepieces of the 180 Collection there’s also a Dual Time model with a blue sheared leather strap and a matching face with the eagle symbol, Sector’s historic logo. Because when we challenge ourselves, it’s a race against time: every minute and every second count when we want to achieve something extraordinary every day, in life as in sports. That’s why you need watches that are truly No Limits like the Sectors of this collection. Challenges have no borders, like the latest models of world timer chronograph with alarm, dedicated to the most passionate and intrepid travelers, so you always know the time in the zones that interest you. Always sporty and eye-catching in their look, they’re available in two versions with stylistic details that are truly striking: flecks of red and blue on the second hand and on the visible seams of the silicon or leather strap. Overcome your limits and make every second unforgettable with Sector 180 watches - unbreakable style and challenge-proof for a high-adrenaline life. Assured performance against any limit!

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