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SECTOR 230 WATCH - R3253161011
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SECTOR 230 WATCH - R3251161003
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SECTOR 230 WATCH - R3273661006
SECTOR 230 WATCH - R3273661007
SECTOR 230 WATCH - R3273661008
SECTOR 230 WATCH - R3273661009
SECTOR 230 WATCH - R3273661010
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Watches 230 Sector No Limits Official Store

Inspired by the historic Sector 200 Collection, Sector 230 watches are a perfect synthesis of sporty style and challenge-proof resistance: unbreakable quality that makes them perfect for transforming each day into a new endeavor, always in search of new emotions and the next limit to overcome. Chronographs and Just Times with date, an eye-catching look, with stainless steel bracelets or straps in polyurethane, available in various colors, intense and decisive. A unidirectional rotating bezel and sporty look underline its active features, innovative and trendy touches like the texture of the straps and the colors proposed for the luminous faces make them perfect for leisure as well. Black, blue and silver - classic masculine colors that alternate with striking details: touches of red on the polyurethane straps, elegant gold finishing on the steel bracelets. Particularly striking are the models with the “total gold” bracelet paired with a black bezel and silver face, a “precious” touch that combines beautifully with the model’s sportiness, and the version with blue face and a bracelet with gilded finishing, an interesting and eye-catching color contrast. For a mood that’s sporty but always recognizable and original in the details, the perfect choices are the chronographs with red-and-blue bezel, and the “total green” face and ferrule, which illuminate with color the most important challenge of all - you against yourself. A watch is a fundamental ally for those who love to dare and make their own distinctive mark on the passage of time: timepieces with a sporty design and unbreakable spirit, made with resistant materials like stainless steel and anti-glare sapphire crystal, the choice of a man who, with loads of adrenaline and an iron will, knows how to reach ambitious goals. Sector style, a symbol of daring, performance and a passion for challenges, is continuously renewed thanks to a contemporary and innovative design: because the challenge is every single day and it needs to be met with toughness and style. Choose from the many models of Sector 230 watches, the colors and details to wear to give your time a new dimension: adventure – for a new emotion every day.

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