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SECTOR 240 WATCH - R3253476002
SECTOR 240 WATCH - R3273676003
SECTOR 240 WATCH - R3273676004
SECTOR 240 WATCH - R3253579520
SECTOR 240 WATCH - R3253476001
SECTOR 240 WATCH - R3253579518
SECTOR 240 WATCH - R3253476003
SECTOR 240 WATCH - R3253579517
SECTOR 240 WATCH - R3273676001
SECTOR 240 WATCH - R3253579524
SECTOR 240 WATCH - R3253579525
SECTOR 240 WATCH - R3253579527
SECTOR 240 WATCH - R3253240001
SECTOR 240 WATCH - R3253240002
SECTOR 240 WATCH - R3253240003
SECTOR 240 WATCH - R3253240006
SECTOR 240 WATCH - R3253240007
SECTOR 240 WATCH - R3253240008
SECTOR 240 WATCH - R3253240009
SECTOR 240 WATCH - R3253240011
SECTOR 240 WATCH - R3253240012
SECTOR 240 WATCH - R3253240505
SECTOR 240 WATCH - R3253240506
SECTOR 240 WATCH - R3253240507
Items 1-24 of 24

Watches 240 Sector No Limits Official Store

Elegance and sportiness combine perfectly in all the models of the 240 Collection: the sparkling and contemporary look of steel makes them the perfect watches for every occasion and moment of the day, with Sector’s unmistakable signature. Timepieces with a tough and versatile look, inimitable allies for the challenges of every day, in which time always seems to slip through our fingers. Much more than simple accessories, 240s give your look an unmistakable mark and allow you to express your style, choosing among different models for both men and women. The polished brushed-steel bracelet is a constant on all the models, with its contemporary but always eye-catching look. The model with chronograph and 41-mm case is one of the most beloved and is available in various colors, with a blue and black face but also with rose gold finishing, for those looking for a style that’s both sporty and refined. Three dials are present on the faces as well as a date window, easily readable with luminescent hands, while a milled bezel and mineral glass complete the case. For those who prefer a more classic Just Time with date to the extreme precision of the chronograph, this version is also available, with a “sunray” face in basic but highly-appreciated colors like blue, black and white silver. Sporty design and quality in every element: these are the features of the 240s, available also in a version “for her” with a 32-mm case. Femininity and sportiness combine in these models with “sunray” faces in intense colors like burgundy, gray or blue, as well as more delicate tints such as violet, azure and champagne. Present on all the 240s is the indication of their water resistance, in confirmation of their sporty inclination: they can resist a pressure up to 5 atmospheres. Sector’s inexhaustible passion for challenges shines through in models that are both sporty and perfect for daily life: because each day can become an extraordinary feat when we face it with the determination to outdo ourselves and a watch from the 240 Collection on our wrist. Choose one and live with the genuine No Limits spirit in every detail!

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