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SECTOR watch 245 - R3251486001
SECTOR watch 245 - R3251486501
SECTOR 245 WATCH - R3253486002
SECTOR 245 WATCH - R3253486003
SECTOR 245 WATCH - R3253486501
SECTOR 245 WATCH - R3253486502
SECTOR 245 WATCH - R3253486503
SECTOR 245 WATCH - R3253486504
SECTOR 245 WATCH - R3253486506
SECTOR watch 245 - R3271786007
SECTOR 245 WATCH - R3273786001
SECTOR 245 WATCH - R3273786002
Sector Watches 245 - R3253486013
Sector Watches 245 - R3253486509
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Sector Watches 245 - R3253486508
Sector Watches 245 - R3253486510
SECTOR 245 WATCH - R3253486005
SECTOR 245 WATCH - R3253486006
SECTOR 245 WATCH - R3253486007
SECTOR 245 WATCH - R3253486008
SECTOR 245 WATCH - R3273786004
SECTOR 245 WATCH - R3273786005
SECTOR 245 WATCH - R3273786006
SECTOR 245 WATCH - R3273786007
Items 1-25 of 25

Watches 245 Sector No Limits Official Store

A sporty personality enclosed in a clean, essential design: these are the watches of the 245 Collection, sure to win the hearts of the sporting sort looking for a watch to help them express their passion for challenges. Fantastic chronographs and Just Times with date, whose details reveal a versatile and sporty look. A collection that expresses the taste for No Limits emotions in a variety of features: bracelets in polished, brushed steel, also available in the darker version for a super-determined look, and with yellow-gold finishing for a more refined effect, as well as with leather straps. The 41-mm case guarantees perfect readability. The version with chronograph plays with color contrasts, mixing black, silver, blue and red on the dials, hands and indices. A sporty nature that we also find in details such as the tachymetric scale on the bezel of many of the collection’s models, recalling these watches’ vocation, created for those who love to experience strong emotions every day. For a sporty, laid-back look, but which always stands out thanks to its contemporary design. It’s no surprise that the 245s belong to the world of No Limits Sport, dedicated to professional as well as amateur athletes who want a watch of exceptional quality and a look that reflects their passions. Resistance, a distinctive trait of Sector watches, is guaranteed: every face indicates that the watch is water-resistant up to 10 atmospheres. A characteristic which makes these timepieces the ideal travel companions for everyday challenges both large and small. In the feminine versions, the sporty mood of the bracelets combines with the smooth case and delicately nuanced face: yellow gold, rosé, mother-of-pearl, silver, blue, and the special version with the white face and red details at the indices. Here, too, we have a simple, essential design combined with details in the classic Sector style, tough and, in this case, also feminine. This is the strength of Sector style, inspiring No Limits emotions, like the sensations we feel when we put ourselves to the test. Satisfy your thirst for challenges and go beyond your limits: the watches of the 245 Collection will be right by your side, the perfect combination of precision and sportiness.

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