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SECTOR 695 WATCH - R3273613005
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SECTOR 695 WATCH - R3273613001
SECTOR 695 WATCH - R3273613002
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Watches 695 Sector No Limits Official Store

The unique quality of Sector watches, with their most beloved features, meets an innovative technology with an eye for sustainability: it’s the 695 Collection with Eco Energy. This system guarantees the functioning of your watch without the use of batteries. All you’ll need to do to recharge your 695 is expose it to light, either natural or artificial. Every watch in this collection features VR42 Chrono-Solar Movement that guarantees an autonomy of more than 90 days on a full recharge. A truly convenient and smart technology which respects the environment by exploiting a resource that’s truly never lacking in our lives: light. Whether you’re outdoors or in the office, every context will be ideal for recharging your Sector 695. This feature adds to the other qualities of this collection, wholly in line with the Sector No Limits spirit, synonymous with performance, daring and passion for the active life. First and foremost is the robust, sporty look, which we find in both the models with bracelets and those with leather straps. The faces are available in different colors, in the classic Sector tones: gray, blue, white or black with the power reserve indicator set in contrast. The tachymetric bezel and sapphire crystal complete the look of this robust and sporty timepiece, fully in sync with the Sector style. The case, measuring 45 mm, guarantees perfect readability, another distinctive feature of Sector watches. Between straps and faces, many combinations of colors and materials are available: from the most sophisticated with steel bracelet and rose gold finishing, to the most aggressive, with a case in black IP steel, black face, and black leather strap with carbon fiber effect. But there are also many classical models, from those with black or brown leather straps to those with steel bands for a more contemporary look. All the best of Sector’s style and spirit, synonymous with performance, daring, and the passion of life’s challenges. The watches of the 695 Collection are truly No Limits - thanks to their Eco Energy technology, they will stop at nothing! Born to be on the front lines with you for the most demanding of all challenges: outdoing yourself.

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