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SECTOR 890 WATCH - R3271803002
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SECTOR 890 WATCH - R3273803002
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Sporty lines and an unbreakable spirit give an impeccable look to the Sector 890 watches: indispensable timepieces for the man who’s sporty and daring, but still wants to stand out for stylistic detail. A collection of chronographs and 3-hand movement with date shaped by a special 44-mm steel cushioned case, with a milled bezel with extra-thin design and contoured buttons. The anti-glare sapphire crystal guarantees the greatest durability and an incredible transparency, protecting the faces in which the details and luminescent hands stand out in contrast. Sector has always been the watch that accompanies you in your daily challenges, helping you to turn them into extraordinary feats. The quintessential sporting timepiece, that with its technical qualities and unbreakable spirit helps you surpass your limits and give new meaning to your time. Because when you challenge yourself, time is the first obstacle that must be overcome and turned into an ally. Each second is an emotion, a burst of adrenaline to be experienced to the fullest, in order to reach goals that didn’t seem possible. But to give life to an endeavor, you need to have the right equipment: your watch, first and foremost, sporty, resistant, and with a versatile and eye-catching design, like those in the 890 Collection. Six chronograph versions with robust steel bracelets or perforated leather straps, a Just Time with model with date, with a black leather strap with orange detailing, the right mix of style and energy. Every model is completed by a tachymetric scale on the bezel, accentuating its sporty mood, and presents finishing in steel and rose gold PVD, and touches of red on the faces, illuminating the 890 timepieces with style. The perfect combination of resistance, sportiness and Italian design, making each model in this collection an ideal ally for every challenge you face. Wear it daily, with its eye-catching style and Sector colors, intense and decisive: blue, black or silver. Limit-proof and reliable in extreme conditions, with water resistance up to 10 atmospheres, Sector 890 watches make every challenge a new emotion you’ll live to the fullest.

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