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Sector Digital Ex-23 - R3251512001
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Willpower, loads of adrenaline, and the perfect Sector watch are the crucial ingredients to turn your challenges into extraordinary feats. The timepieces of the Expander 23 Collection are dedicated to those who love to walk and run, to those who know that every challenge begins with a first step. A sporty look and refined design guarantee maximum comfort: strap in breathable silicone, practical and soft, a 45-mm case for assured readability even in moments of maximum adrenaline, and all the functions that allow you to put yourself to the test and surpass your limits. Two available versions, in classic Sector colors: dual-color red and black or all black, two strong and determined tones to transmit that unbreakable Sector spirit in every detail. A unisex model that suits any athlete, but with a young and trendy appeal, like all the watches in the Digital Expander universe. The tachymetric bezel and mineral glass of the face complete the sporty look of this watch, the perfect ally for those who love to rack up the kilometers, outdoing themselves every time. The two watches in this collection use LCD J-983 digital movement, the maximum in precision for your performance. The face presents a variety of functions: besides the classic hours, minutes, and seconds, date and day of the week, the Expander 23s also have an alarm, acoustic signal, timer and pedometer. This last function is extremely useful for those who want to measure their performances and always be improving! Your times will be automatically saved and memorized for 21 days, so you’ll be able to compare the progress you’ve made. Step by step, the meters become kilometers: concentration grows, adrenaline rises, and the effort is compensated by the desire to make it, to do better. Don’t be afraid to set yourself ambitious goals: with these watches you’ll have everything you need to be at your best in any conditions. In fact the watches of the Expander 23 Collection are resistant up to 10 atmospheres of pressure and are equipped backlighting, for those who love to run even when the sun goes down. All the characteristics of a Sector watch, precision and resistance, with the specific functions that allow you to go the distance.

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