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A day outdoors, nature in all its majesty, inspiring us to give our best and always set ourselves new challenges: these are the emotions that inspire the watches of the Speed Collection. With their maximum comfort thanks to their soft silicone straps they’re perfect for all ages, for anyone looking for practicality, energy and entertainment in their watch. With their clean colors, these watches are truly the perfect allies for any endeavor. With many models to choose from, and not only in terms of color: the timepieces in this collection are available both in a Just Time version with a 37-mm case, as well as in a Multifunction variant with a larger case (43 mm). As for all Sector watches, maximum readability is assured. Perfect for sports and those who love an active life filled with adrenaline and strong emotions, they’re super-resistant in all conditions: whether on land or at sea, don’t be afraid to put your Speed to the test. Their water resistance is assured up to 10 atmospheres, as is clearly marked on the face. In the straps and faces, whether in contrast or matching, we find all the energy we need to take on any challenge with passion and tenacity: red and black, the classic Sector colors, but also blue, intense like the ocean. Among the various tones for the face we also find the classic white, as well as orange, super-energetic and lively. The details of the faces are also interesting, whether it’s the sunray effect or those inspired by the texture of carbon fiber. Whatever model you choose, you’ll find Sector’s unique “signature” on the strap, with the stamped name of the brand. For the Speed Collection watches with a 37-mm case we’ve also added a special detail, for all those with a No Limits spirit: a black or red silicone wrist band. This is the perfect watch for true lovers of the No Limits life, who want not only maximum precision from their timepiece, but also color, practicality, and pure energy! A youthful and bold collection to mark the time of all your endeavors, whether ordinary or extraordinary: for those who never stop challenging themselves.

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