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Rude Sector No Limits Official Store

A mix of materials as diverse as cotton, leather and steel, the colors, and symbols with a special meaning give life to the Rude Collection, bracelets for men with a free spirit and strong attitude. An interweaving of different elements that melds to perfection in a collection of jewels that entice you to adventure and discovery, embracing every challenge and overcoming every limit. These bracelets have a truly unique structure: two small strings of black or brown leather, embellished with a steel tubular element, encircle your wrist and enclose the accessory. Between them is a thicker, cotton bracelet available in various colors: blue, brown, military green or beige, neutral tones that perfect with any look. The strong touch of leather, the softness and colors of cotton: a winning combination made perfect by the other elements that enrich these bracelets. For each one sports a special symbol, in steel: an anchor, a wing, a hook, an outrigger, two arrows. Inspiring symbols, absolutely in sync with the mood of these jewels: there are symbols connected to life at sea, synonymous with freedom, adventure, continuous discovery and the challenge of the unknown. The wing, total freedom beyond any boundaries; the two arrows, symbol of an iron will, able to persevere toward the objective, overcome any difficulty. Symbols that, with different nuances, represent the universe of Sector values - brands that have always accompanied both champion athletes and amateur sportsmen in all their daily challenges. In the bracelets of the Rude Collection color isn’t lacking either, an element that gives energy and inspiration to improve continually: that’s why the steel symbols are enclosed in waxed-cotton laces, in contrasting colors with the cotton bracelet. Forest green, deep red, brown and ochre light up these jewels with color and give them a summer mood, urging you to go outside, look for new feats to accomplish and new limits to surpass. Because the greatest adventure always begins by challenging ourselves. Accept the challenge and choose the unbreakable spirit of Sector for your jewels as well, with this collection of bracelets that truly make an impression.

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