Secure Payment


For credit card payments uses the MultiSafepay circuit, the European leader in the online payment system, which allows you to make payments securely on the Visa, Visa Electron, Martercard and Maestro circuits, thanks to Verified by Visa standards. Mastercard SecureCode. In case of payments by credit card, given the simultaneous authorization of the transaction by the issuing bank, we will be able to process the order within 24 hours of receipt. The MultiSafepay online payment system is great for buying on the Internet in absolute peace and security! Payment by credit card is certainly one of the most critical phases of the online purchase process, and that's why we at sectornolimits have joined MultiSafepay, the No. 1 in Europe for Internet payments that uses more innovative encryption systems for the protection of sensitive data and is able to ensure maximum security in credit card transactions.  

The order will be placed on the sectornolimits website, and during this process you will only be asked for information necessary for shipping, and for invoicing. In no way will you be asked for information about your credit card.

Completed the order with the confirmation from the user will be required to proceed with the payment transactions. By clicking on the "proceed with payment" button, the system will automatically direct you to the  MultiSafepay Web site.

On the MultiSafepay Web site, it will be possible to pay by credit card in full security, all the data that will be requested (Card Number, Name of the holder, Expiry Date, CVV2 / CVC2, Mastercard Circuit or Visa) will not be in no way communicated, transmitted, or registered by sectornolimits or by third parties. Instead they will be encrypted and used exclusively by MultiSafepay Web to verify the lawfulness of the transaction and authorize the transfer of money.

Once the transaction has been confirmed, the MultiSafepay Web site will redirect the user automatically to the home page of our site.

In conclusion, therefore, we are able to guarantee absolute security on your credit card payments precisely because all sensitive data are requested protected and used, exclusively by MultiSafepay, and are not disclosed to sectornolimits or third parties.  

Do not you have a credit card?

Sectornolimits offers you many other payment systems, all 100% safe, to meet all your needs! In fact, it is possible to pay: in advance by bank transfer (a secure system now free for almost all On Line current account holders); through Pay Pal (all Pay Pal users can pay without additional costs, and in complete safety!); at the time of delivery, by selecting the payment method with cash on delivery (in this case the payment will be made in cash directly to the carrier when he will deliver the product).