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SECTOR 480 WATCH - R3271797501

SECTOR 480 WATCH - R3271797501

€ 104,50 € 209,00

SECTOR 125 WATCH - R3273693501

SECTOR 125 WATCH - R3273693501

€ 109,50 € 219,00

sold out
SECTOR 955 WATCH - R3253518504
SECTOR 955 WATCH - R3253518508
SECTOR 955 WATCH - R3253518505
SECTOR 955 WATCH - R3253518507
SECTOR 955 WATCH - R3253518506
SECTOR 240 WATCH - R3253240505
SECTOR 240 WATCH - R3253240506
SECTOR 240 WATCH - R3253240507
SECTOR 120 WATCH - R3253588501
SECTOR 120 WATCH - R3253588502
SECTOR 120 WATCH - R3253588505
SECTOR 120 WATCH - R3253588504
SECTOR 120 WATCH - R3253588507
SECTOR 120 WATCH - R3253588509
SECTOR 240 WATCH - R3253579520
SECTOR 240 WATCH - R3253579518
SECTOR watch 245 - R3251486501
SECTOR EX-06 WATCH - R3251591502
SECTOR EX-06 WATCH - R3251591503
SECTOR EX-06 WATCH - R3251591504
SECTOR EX-08 WATCH - R3251592501
SECTOR EX-08 WATCH - R3251592502
SECTOR EX-08 WATCH - R3251592503
SECTOR EX-08 WATCH - R3251592504
SECTOR 480 WATCH - R3251597501
SECTOR 245 WATCH - R3253486501
SECTOR 245 WATCH - R3253486502
SECTOR 245 WATCH - R3253486503
SECTOR 245 WATCH - R3253486504
SECTOR 245 WATCH - R3253486506
SECTOR 240 WATCH - R3253579517
SECTOR 240 WATCH - R3253579522
SECTOR 120 WATCH - R3253588506
SECTOR 480 WATCH - R3253597501
SECTOR 480 WATCH - R3253597502
SECTOR 480 WATCH - R3273797501
SECTOR 480 WATCH - R3273797502
Sector Watches 245 - R3253486509
Sector Watches 245 - R3253486508
Sector Watches 245 - R3253486510
OROLOGIO SECTOR 500 - R3251410847
sold out
SECTOR 125 WATCH - R3251593501
OROLOGIO SECTOR 195 - R3253195515
SECTOR 240 WATCH - R3253579524
SECTOR 240 WATCH - R3253579525
SECTOR 240 WATCH - R3253579527
SECTOR 120 WATCH - R3253588511
SECTOR 120 WATCH - R3253588513
SECTOR 120 WATCH - R3253588515
SECTOR 125 WATCH - R3253593502
SECTOR 125 WATCH - R3253593504
sold out
SECTOR 120 WATCH - R3253588516
SECTOR 120 WATCH - R3253588517
SECTOR 120 WATCH - R3253588518
Items 1-59 of 59

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There is nothing more precious than the time of a woman and so we have dedicated our women’s watches to them. Every second is dedicated to a specific activity: including work, hobbies and affection, the key to succeed in doing everything is called organization. Handling our time in the best possible way is extremely important for those living many different lives every day. The key to doing this in the best possible way is an accurate and reliable watch, with a versatile look allowing you to wear it every day. With this thought in mind we have created Sector women’s watches, on which the sporty nature of the brand is perfectly recognizable. Feisty but always feminine, the models are available in a super contemporary version with steel bracelet or a fun version with coloured silicone straps. A minimal look or a stronger look, choose the one that represents you the most and use your creativeness with the colours and details in which our collections are available. The quadrants are available in neutral and delicate or strong and lively shades or embellished by golden finishes and shiny crystals. For those who love the classical elegance of a vintage flavour some models with a leather strap are also available: to stand out with style. Wearing a resistant watch with a sporty style like a Sector watch does not mean sacrificing the expression of your femininity. The best materials such as steel and sapphire glass make your watch for women perfect in the case of unexpected events, against scratches and waterproof, thanks to their excellent waterproof features. For lovers of technology, searching for all functions that make life easier in a watch, from an alarm to back lighting, we have designed fun and colourful watches: they are the digital and anadigital timekeepers from the Expander collections. Practical and attractive, resistant and stylish, the Sector character can be found in the female version of our watches for women: your time is in good hands with these extraordinary instruments of precision. Every moment is the right time to wear our watches: during training, at work or out with your friends. All of the souls of a woman in one single watch!

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