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Sector Watches Sge 650 - R3273962001
Sector Watches Sge 650 - R3273962002
Sector Watches Sge 650 - R3273962003
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The watches of the SGE 650 Collection are truly special, linked to the extraordinary achievements of the Sector Team and its members, who over the years have embodied the No Limits spirit at its best. With the SGE 650 on their wrist, Sector Team athletes have overcome challenges bordering on the impossible, demonstrating each time that you can achieve even the most daunting goals if you accept the most difficult challenge of all: the one against yourself. These watches pay particular homage to Patrick de Gayardon, veritable icon of the Sector team. An acrobatic parachutist, sky surfer, innovator and inventor, and, quite simply, an extraordinary man: twenty years after his death, we celebrate his amazing life with the watch that played a leading role in so many of his endeavors. The SGE 650 is back in the spotlight with an innovative new look, but ever faithful to its identity. The 42-mm case encloses a VK63 chronograph movement, while the unidirectional rotating bezel and a tachymetric scale inside the rehaut complete the watches’ sporty look. Standing out are the faces with new colors and a decidedly modern touch: the luminescent indices and spherical dials match the electric blue, black or white background. Choose your favorite from the three versions in the SGE 650 Collection. Their sporty, gutsy attitude is supported by materials and technical features that give them extreme resistance. The stainless steel used in the case and bracelet is of the highest quality to guarantee the greatest resistance against heat and corrosion, and the same can be said for these models’ anti-glare sapphire crystal. They are guaranteed water-resistant up to 10 atmospheres, in conformity with Sector’s highest qualitative standards. A collection that truly embraces the No Limits spirit, incarnated by the life and achievements of Patrick de Gayardon. The face also presents a strong link to the past with the iconic eagle, Sector’s historic logo. Watches that have marked the time of extraordinary feats, and that are ready to accompany you in every challenge you face, helping you to surpass your limits. On the wrist of the bold, the legend returns.

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