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Sector Watches 960 - R3273628004
Sector Watches 960 - R3273628003
Sector Watches 960 - R3273628002
Sector Watches 960 - R3273628001
Sector Watches 280 - R3273991006
Sector Watches 280 - R3273991005
Sector Watches 280 - R3273991004
Sector Watches 280 - R3273991003
Sector Watches 280 - R3273991002
Sector Watches 280 - R3273991001
SECTOR 695 WATCH - R3273613005
SECTOR 770 WATCH - R3273616001
Sector Watches Sge 650 - R3273962001
SECTOR 240 WATCH - R3273676003
SECTOR 240 WATCH - R3273676004
SECTOR 850 WATCH - R3273975002
SECTOR 180 WATCH - R3273690008
SECTOR 180 WATCH - R3271690014
Sector Watches Sge 650 - R3273962002
Sector Watches Sge 650 - R3273962003
SECTOR 180 WATCH - R3271690026
SECTOR watch 245 - R3271786007
SECTOR 240 WATCH - R3273676001
SECTOR 245 WATCH - R3273786001
SECTOR 245 WATCH - R3273786002
SECTOR 850 WATCH - R3273975001
SECTOR 180 WATCH - R3251180022
SECTOR 180 WATCH - R3251180023
SECTOR 330 WATCH - R3273794005
SECTOR 330 WATCH - R3273794008
SECTOR 330 WATCH - R3273794009
SECTOR 330 WATCH - R3273794010
OROLOGIO SECTOR 175 - R3271611245
SECTOR 230 WATCH - R3273661006
SECTOR 230 WATCH - R3273661007
SECTOR 230 WATCH - R3273661008
SECTOR 230 WATCH - R3273661009
SECTOR 230 WATCH - R3273661010
SECTOR 240 WATCH - R3253240001
SECTOR 240 WATCH - R3253240002
SECTOR 240 WATCH - R3253240003
SECTOR 240 WATCH - R3253240006
SECTOR 240 WATCH - R3253240007
SECTOR 770 WATCH - R3271616001
SECTOR 770 WATCH - R3273616002
SECTOR 770 WATCH - R3273616003
SECTOR 770 WATCH - R3273616004
SECTOR 770 WATCH - R3273616005
SECTOR 770 WATCH - R3271616002
SECTOR 770 WATCH - R3273616006
SECTOR 770 WATCH - R3273616007
SECTOR 450 WATCH - R3271776002
Items 1-63 of 63

Watches Chronograph Male Sector No Limits Official Store

A sporty spirit and passion for challenges are perfectly represented by our men’s chronographs. Watches that remind us of how important a thousandth of a second is when we are faced with a challenge through their counters. Every result is, in fact, the result of perfect timing, a meeting between the right occasion, commitment and the courage of trying. In order to seize the day, we must recognize it: this is the function of the Sector chronographs, instruments of reliable precision and a unique design, all Italian. Born as professional instruments, these watches have become a synonym of sportsmanship, the watches preferred by athletes due to their level of precision. Because sometimes just a few seconds decide the victory and time becomes the first ally in order to win. Every Sector chronograph has its own soul and is part of a larger family created by the collection. Their sporty nature, in fact, is presented in many different ways, starting with the colour, the type of chronograph and many other characteristics. The Sector No Limits style, however, can be recognized in every single model: a combination of quality materials, attentive yet feisty design and an excellent level of visibility even in adverse conditions. The chronographs for men are available in models with a sporty look but with a versatile style, but also with special movements, dedicated to specific sports activities. For example, the SGE 650 chronograph is very charismatic, a symbol watch of Patrick de Gayardon, a legend of extreme sports and an icon of the Sector Team. Its three spheres in the bright blue of the quadrant scan your time with extreme accuracy, just like a professional instrument. With four spheres just like the models from the 350 collection, or with two counters like the 330 chronographs, the Sector chronographs play with styles and colours, for watches that truly leave their mark. The spheres are often contrasting, or with colourful details: this is the case of Expander 90, in a bright yellow colour that can be found in the strap and in some details of the spheres. The effect can be even more elegant, just like the model from the 330 collection with a steel bracelet, alternating white and pink gold on the counters. With all of its specific features, the Sector chronographs are always characterised by their high level of resistance in different conditions, even underwater. Important qualities for those who never say no to new challenges and who need to find a solid and loyal ally in their watch. Ready for high level challenges, the men’s chronographs from the Master Climbing collection propose a unique movement that will indicate the quota reached and the maximum and minimum heights. The chronograph adapts perfectly to different requirements, offering useful information and articulating your time in different ways. For regatta lovers, the Sector chronograph is not to be missed, with two spheres and a yacht timer, indicating the ten minutes that mark the start of a competition. Choose a high precision steel watch with a charismatic style: the qualities that you need to face large and small everyday challenges and leave your mark on new challenges. An ideal watch is the instrument to communicate and live your time to the very best, to be sure that you will not waste a second. While wearing your chronograph, time will no longer be a mystery, but an instrument to challenge yourself to do even better, to look beyond all limits. The adrenalin necessary to face the impossible and discover a world of possibilities and potentials lives in the style and resistance of Sector watches, the ultimate sporty timekeepers.

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