Our transparency

We of the team of Sector, outside our working range, are consumers, we buy on line and are customers of other major portals of e-commerce and, as all customers, we ask above all clarity in information and correctness in behavior. And it is precisely our experience as customers that we , daily , try to bring inside kronoshop. Clarity in information and Fairness in behavior, this is our promise! Keeping our promises has always been the key to our success; we know very well , in fact, that the confidence of our customers is the most important investment in our business.

Clarity in information

Fairness in behavior

You are interested in facts not in promises!
To judge if we keep our promises, we turned to our customers. For this we have created a community on Face-book, where our customers can freely leave their feedback on our service. Between all systems used by on-line shops for the management of feedback, we have chosen Face-book. The continuous increase of subscribers and the absolute transparency of the users will be an absolute guarantee, hardly obtained with other instruments managed by the same e-commerce.
To visit the community of Sector click here.