Guaranteed deliveries for Christmas

Guaranteed deliveries for Christmas

Always on time in the directions  

Many times you have surely wondered if your gift would have arrived in time to be discarded by you or your loved ones for Christmas day; we wanted to eliminate any doubt by highlighting its relative delivery date on the product sheet.
"Delivery for Sunday, December 23rd"
We know that among the most beautiful things of Christmas there are your gifts!

December 18th at 12.00  

Guaranteed Delivery!  

All orders placed by this date on Sector No Limits regarding Products indicated as available (and therefore not orderable) will be processed and delivered before December 24th at 4.00pm.
Given the importance and the particularity of the moment, we advise all customers to enter as an address where a person is present during the whole working time to pick up the package.
We also advise against placing the order with the request to be contacted an hour, or half an hour before delivery, this because no courier is authorized to contact customers before delivery, the burden of contacting the customer falls on the appropriate branch. If the product remains in storage for a further 24 hours, the competent warehouse will contact the customer to make an appointment!