Sector challenge


Unforgettable legend of the Sector Team, Patrick de Gayardon has left us a legacy made of extraordinary enterprises. A constant source of inspiration from which the 4 special de Gayardon watches were born. Through their gritty style and their characteristics, we relive the excitement of 4 breathtaking enterprises. Let's start with the first one: in 1993 Patrick de Gayardon launches himself from a helicopter into the Sòtano de las Golondrinas, a huge natural canyon in Mexico. An enterprise never accomplished before, where the difficulty is all in the times: it is a question of opening the parachute only after having penetrated into the immense well, 376 meters deep. A struggle against his own reflexes and his survival instinct, which Patrick manages to dominate successfully.

golondrinas jump
Sky Surf

The emotions of that incredible moment have turned into an extraordinary watch: it is the Golondrinas Jump model, a total black chronograph with a perforated leather strap and rose gold details. Not only an athlete, but also a pioneer: Patrick de Gayardon experimented with new disciplines, including skysurfing, a parachuting technique that involves throwing with a snowboard fixed to the feet. On April 18, 1994 he succeeded in launching a skysurf flight on the North Pole from 3200 meters: the extraordinary impact that this flight had on our imagination is the inspiration for the second of the 4 special de Gayardon watches, the Sky model Surf. Black silicone strap, black IP steel case and WR 10 ATM: the audacity of those moments is contained in this watch, as extraordinary as the moments above the clouds of the North Pole.

back inside the plane
wing fligh


But for Patrick, the sky is never big enough. In August 1997 he flew off a plane with his wingsuit, and then returned a few minutes on the same plane. A company that we remember with the name Back inside the Plane, to which we have dedicated a splendid chronograph with a black IP steel bracelet and formidable resistance. Patrick's mind always went where others didn't arrive, imagining incredible feats and turning them into reality. Not only passion and adrenaline, but also a lot of study and work, behind this extraordinary life. In the last months of his life Patrick inaugurates a wingsuit of his design with a flight on the Mont Blanc, followed by the unforgettable feat of "winged" flight in the Grand Canyon, Arizona. An episode that we remember as Wing Fligh, to which the last of the de Gayardon special watches is dedicated, with a black Milanese mesh bracelet and a unique, contemporary and original look. A collection that traces the footsteps of an icon, the place where the past and the future of Sector meet to trace the new road of NO LIMITS. On the back of each watch is engraved the name of the company that inspires it, a celebration of extreme sport in its purest form: freedom, experimentation, daring and adrenaline. The legend of Patrick de Gayardon returns to live through his exploits, which once again teach us to fly!